Project Programme



The VG Project Group programming team has diverse expertise across multiple programming/scheduling software packages including, Asta Powerproject and Microsoft Project. We provide both longer-term project schedules and short-term implementation programmes. In addition, our on-going monitoring and liaison for successful schedule implementation and the achievement of overall project time objectives.

Provided as an integral component of our project management service, or as a stand-alone service, our specialised programming services help you to measure progress, implement corrective action and reset targets. Whether you require specialist short-term resources or management of the total project, VG Project Group provides a broad range of specialised programming services to suit your requirements.

Our capability includes:

  • tender programmes
  • development or master programmes
  • design, approval procurement programmes
  • construction programmes including staging options
  • tender programme reviews
  • contractor construction programme reviews
  • independent programme reviews
  • critical path programmes
  • commissioning and occupation programmes
  • decant and enabling programmes
  • progress monitoring reporting
  • extension of time claims
  • cash-flow forecasting