Procurement Strategy and Scope development /Tender Submission Strategies and Input



The pre-construction phase refers to the period between receiving development approval and the commencement of construction. It is the pivotal phase in the development timeline as it is where a project is committed to be developed, shelved or sold.

The pre-construction phase is typified by the refinement of, and ultimately the relationship between four key elements:

Design –  is taken to a point where the sales team can commence selling with confidence and a building cost can be accurately estimated

Feasibility – market conditions, revenues and costs are modelled with confidence to inform “go / no-go”

Tender – delivery risk is mitigated through the type of construction procurement and award of construction contract

Finance – key financial metrics and project documents are evidenced in order to obtain construction finance to complete the development

VG Project Group is highly experienced in all aspects of pre-construction management for residential and commercial developments.


Development construction can be daunting. From building approval through to practical completion, our clients rely on our skill and knowledge to complete every building project on time and within budget.

With decades of experience in the East Coast of Australia property market, VG Project Group and it’s multi-faceted team provides streamlined management of the tender drafting and construction process.

We are very experienced in acting on behalf of property developers to expertly prepare competitive tender documents and secure reliable contractors to design and build quality construction projects for maximum profit.